Bo Kohl

I started tattooing in 07. My apprenticeship came out of nowhere and wasn’t nearly as hardcore as I wish it were. I’ve traveled and worked in some amazing shops, and this is where my real apprenticeship was earned.

I didn’t want to specialize in black and gray realism or focus on one style in hopes of one day becoming a rockstar.

I’ve worked beside some tattooers that are amazing. About three years into the trade, I decided to be a more rounded tattooer that will knock everything out of the park that sits in my chair.

I knew it was time to open shop and bring this brand that my partner and I see, Tattooing & Barbering was historically commonly under the same roof. My sister and I have the same passion for the history of our trades, and we want to pass this on to you.

“Salvation”-to be; “freed or saved from loss or ruin.” That loss or ruin for a lot of people is scarring from surgeries, or crappy tattoos, or any other disfiguring marks. It gives us a lot of joy and satisfaction to help people transform their scars into beauty and begin a new story.

The focus we have at Salvation Parlor is to give you service and artwork that has evolved as our industries have, and bring our brand of a traditional tattoo-barber parlor, keeping the history of our industries alive.